Meet our team of Balloon Babe


Meet our team of Balloon Babe


Meet Alessia

Favorite balloon color: Pearl lemon chiffon

I may be a tomboy at heart, but fashion is also my passion. I love the colour yellow and jetting off to travel whenever I can. I’ve been with BBMTL since Fall 2021 and love working with these boss babes. My favourite memory to date has been our team photoshoot. It was a stress-free day where we got to enjoy each other’s company. There’s just nothing like a bunch of gals, some good lighting, and a camera!

Meet Maya

Favorite balloon color: Rosewood

I’m a lover of all things pink, and between living life and hanging with my balloon babes, you can catch me hitting the shops or on a beach catching some rays. I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time with the BBMTL team. My favourite memory so far? Summer 2021 – a massive set-up for an outdoors event, 5 girls, and a room filled with colourful balloons – that’s what we call a BALLOONABLE moment!

Meet Ivana

Favorite balloon color:  Sand

When I’m not in the gym, you can catch me getting in touch with my creative side. I love working on new projects and content creation for BBMTL. The beauty created by balloons can be endless, but I enjoy creating balloon walls the most. There is never a dull moment with our team, and that’s what makes us special. My fondest memory together is a large birthday event we did this past year. We were 5 girls working together – and it was such a vibe!

Meet Sarah 

Favorite balloon color: Mocha Brown

Aside from balloons, music has the key to my heart. When I’m not with the Balloon Babes, you can catch me on the piano, listening to music, or hanging out with friends. My favourite BBMTL moment thus far? Our brown balloon wall at Beatrice. It was my first balloon wall, and the end result was everything. Moving forward, I want to keep bringing magic to the event industry with BBMTL and create beautiful balloon designs – one better than the next!