Make your balloons last a lifetime


Make your balloons last a lifetime


If we had a dollar for every time a client asked us “how long do your balloons last?” we’d have a lot of dollars! So, to make things a little easier on all you balloon babes, we’re breaking down the facts about the life expectancy of your floating friends – and how you can care for them while they’re here.

Standard Size Latex-Filled Helium Balloons

These babies can stay afloat for approximately 8-12 hours. Add a balloon treatment, and their life expectancy can increase to 2-5 days.

Balloon Garlands

Latex balloons react to temperatures and UV Rays. Therefore, life expectancy cannot be guaranteed when balloon garlands are left outside. However, when these beauties are left indoors, their life expectancy can be anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

Balloon Facts: The Outdoors and Temperature

– Balloons oxidize when left outdoors.

– In hotter climates, balloons that are left outside will generally pop. Balloons left outside tend to shrink and take on a deflated appearance in colder climates.

– When preparing balloons for the outdoors, under-inflate to allow for expansion when in hotter climates. Over-inflate balloons and release air until the balloon is slightly under-inflated. This allows for the balloon to breathe and expand.

– Use light balloons when possible. Darker coloured balloons attract the sun and absorb heat – thus popping faster. If you need darker colours in your designs, accessories like ribbon, string, and other props are a fun alternative.

– Get your shade on – when possible. If you can find a way to shade your balloons, we say do it! This can potentially increase their life expectancy.

– A general rule of thumb: balloons usually will not last outdoors overnight. As the temperature usually drops, the cold air will shrink the balloons – and the balloons will probably expand and pop once the sun rises in the morning. Recommendation: bring all balloons indoors in the evening.